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HBO Cut New Trailers For 'The Wire' And "Six Feet Under' To Try And Get People To Watch Them

Listen I never watched Six Feet Under so I can’t speak to that but if you need a re-cut trailer to convince you to watch The Wire then I don’t want you to watch The Wire. It’s as simple as that. If you’ve seen the countless reviews that call The Wire the best show ever and were still like “Hmmmmmm I don’t know. Maybe if they re-cut a trailer for it I’d watch” I never want you to watch the show. This show isn’t for you even though the show is basically for everyone who wants to learn about how the world actually works. I’ve been at Barstool for over 3 years and I’ve taken every opportunity to basically yell, beg and plead with people telling them to watch The Wire. I basically make everything about The Wire because The Wire is about everything. I’ve got Kevin Francis Clancy sitting right behind me every day now and I still tell him every day that he should watch The Wire. He still tells me everyday that Season 2 was some of the worst television he’s ever watched so he quit. Very dumb. What an idiot. Just watch The Wire. Just do it.