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A Renegade Tire Caught Flying Through Streets On Security Cameras Is Some Real 'Final Destination' Shit

Daily Sabah – A back wheel became dislodged from a moving vehicle in Turkey’s southern Adana province and rolled down the street at a fast pace, before entering a pharmacy and hitting two persons inside the store.

“We are a pharmacy. We were waiting for patients. A wheel came instead. We’re shocked,” pharmacy owner Abdulkadir Erdeve said, commenting the unusual incident.

Recalling the incident, Erdeve said that the wheel first hit the head of one of his friends and then the face of his other friend, who were all sitting in front of Erdeve’s desk.

Whenever I see a video like this of someone narrowly avoiding death or serious injury, all I can think of is what that person does the moment the video ends. Does it change your life around, like a near-death experience? Because if you play this video back and watch a tire escape down a street, enter a store front, and basically attack you like you fucked its wife, I would feel like that tire was meant for me. And from there it probably depends on your world views. For me, I would likely think this chance tire coming after me was a sign that the world wanted me dead and be paranoid as fuck thinking I was Devon Sawa in the original Final Destination. But if you’re an eternal optimist type, maybe this is the moment that you turn things around. You narrowly avoided death by a tire with your name on it, every day is a bonus when you don’t die but ESPECIALLY don’t die in an embarrassing way that would get captured on video and replayed thousands of times. That’s a huge win, life-changing like winning the lottery with the same kind of odds. But either way, this homing missile tire HAS to lead to something big in this life or else it’s a complete waste of shoddy Turkish engineering and unlucky inertia.

Unrelated, there was a movie about a murderous tire who roamed the Southwest with deadly intentions called Rubber back in 2011. I assume this wasn’t Turkish viral marketing for it but now you know this bit of information and we’re all the richer for it: