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Livid Adult Lego Lovers Cry Like Babies Because They Cant Play At Legoland

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Adult fans of Lego have threatened to lodge human rights complaints over age limits at Australia’s first Legoland Discovery Centre.

Adults are unable to enter the centre unless accompanied by a child aged 17 or under, except on special adults-only nights once a month.

Several unaccompanied adults have said they were turned away at the door of the playground, which opened in Melbourne’s Chadstone shopping centre on Tuesday, and still more complained they had bought annual passes to the centre without knowing about the age limit.

Children are also required to be accompanied by an adult in the centre, which is aimed at children aged three to 10.

As someone who still loves to play with blocks, I completely understand the frustration that our Aussie pals are feeling. Who wouldn’t wanna get in there with literally millions of legos and test your mantle as a man? I know I would love that challenge.

Imagine the rush of knowing that the haters and losers, of which there are many, are saying that you can’t build a plane without detailed plans. You smirk knowing that, at this point, the plans are etched into your brain. You’ve been making planes for years. Years. Fucking years. They won’t know what hit em when you zoom that fucker right by their frontal lobe while making propeller noises with your mouth despite the fact that it’s clearly a jet-powered engine.

Right before you enter the Lego Octagon, Legoland management tells you that you can’t play? Agism. Ever heard of it? Just because something is built for 3 to 10-year-olds doesn’t mean that it’s solely for 3-10-year-olds. I mean, my daughter’s Fisher Price basketball hoop isn’t meant for 34-year-olds but that doesn’t stop me from bringing the rain down on her candy ass. You don’t like it, play defense. That’s all I’m sayin.