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Rickie Fowler Spotted Hanging Out With Justin Bieber In Florida

This is what I’m talking about when I say Rickie Fowler is doing this young, rich and famous golfer thing the right way. Because while Smylie, JT and Spieth all had to go back to living “normal” lives with their girlfriends, Rickie headed straight down to Florida to have another spring break with a guy named Justin Bieber. Not sure if you’ve ever heard of him but it seems like he likes to have a decent time when it comes to partying and fucking hot chicks. That’s a luxury only single people have. Can you imagine one of those other guys who has a girlfriend being like, “Hey I know I’ve been partying for a week down in Baker’s Bay with my buds but is it cool if I immediately go hang out with the Biebs? That’s fine, right?” NOT A CHANCE. Literally a zero percent chance that happens. That’s why Rickie is the smartest of the bunch. He’s got a sick nasty tan from his first spring break and now he’s putting it to good use on his second spring break. Rickie is doing what we all want to do and living his life like it’s Entourage. That’s really the highest compliment you can pay to a famous person.