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Jim Ross Is In Talks With Fox Sports Which Means We Could Potentially Have JR Calling Live Sports Games In The Near Future


jim ross


(Source) Worlds could be colliding in the near future, as WWE Hall of Fame broadcaster Jim Ross is nearing a deal with Fox Sports, according to Ross himself. In a blog entry from Sunday on his website, Ross linked to a column he wrote for Fox on Saturday about Ric Flair’s newly-formed partnership with the San Francisco 49ers. Ross then talked about his budding partnership with Fox.

I have not yet signed with Fox but we are obviously close and are hopeful that we can finalize the contract next week. Fox provides an amazing platform for creative work and for the many projects that I am working on during the most unretired time of my life. Fox has some potentially, amazing creative ideas for me of which I hope that we get to collaborate on sooner than later.

There’s no word yet on what Ross’s role with Fox will be – columnist? Commentator? Talking head? But just think about this for a minute – with Ross in the fold, there’s a possibility that Fox would be able to save video editors a lot of time. Instead of simply overlaying some of Ross’s most famous calls on current events (like Jadaveon Clowney’s vicious hit from the Outback Bowl, or the crazy, fan-attacking Alabama fan from this year’s Sugar Bowl), Ross could provide customized calls for these plays himself! GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!




JUST when Fox Sports One was on it’s last leg they go and do something like this and turn everything around. This is exactly what I expected out of the channel when it debuted. Not Regis doing a talk show or mid-day soccer matches. I wanted guys that ESPN would never in a million years hire. I want Jim Ross, I want A-Rod, I want Sean Salisbury back, I want the original Man Show dynamic of Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla. I mean, just think about it for a second. Fox Sports One seems to always have the weird games. Late night Pac-10, Big 12 opposite of ESPN’s game of the week, Boise football, just the off beat stuff. So what better way to keep people entertained than to throw JR in the booth and let him rap for a few hours? This is a gambler’s delight right here. Yeah they have Gus Johnson but guess what, Jim Ross was Gus Johnson before Gus Johnson even knew he was Gus Johnson. So if it’s between the same old guys at ESPN doing a slightly higher profile game or JR doing a Big 12 game I’m taking JR 100 times out of 100.





GOOD GOD BAYLOR IS DEAD! (just saying that in my head gave me half a chub)