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Smitty Is Trying His Best To Divide The Entire Team After 1 Game

First of all, terrible lies being told on the internet by Smitty. Shocker after 1 game the guy from Philly has already become a locker room cancer, who would have thought?

First of all, the team started off down 5-0 because Smitty was too stupid to get everyone matching jerseys. It was told to us we needed to match, but Smitty doesn’t care, that’s just half-ass Smitty life.

Second, I take full responsibility for being late. I was trying to make a Jim Valvano entrance, give the Green Bay Packers football speech, but mistimed it. That’s on me.

But his lies that I was 30 minutes late is not found in evidence. Check the fucking time stamps. It was 13-6 when I got there.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 11.51.52 AM

Again, no excuses for being late. We were down 7 when I showed up, and only lost by 9. A solid -2, I’ll take that. But interesting how that works, eh?

All the while though, Hardo Smitty has to make it all about himself. One game can’t go by without him being a drama queen about EVERYTHING. One tough loss and he takes to Twitter and the blog and cries.

Meanwhile, the rest of the guys had my back

Francis texted me “That was really fun tonight. Good job coach. We will find our rhythm.”

Brett texted me “Almost don’t mind starting with a loss. Gets the team focused. Well coached second half.”

Thanks, my friends.

It’s amazing how Smitty was the only one who whined about a loss. It’s so Philly it hurts. It’s so Smitty it hurts. Couldn’t just take it in stride. Couldn’t just work harder and be prepared for next game. He just does what he always does- tries to turn everyone against me. It’s his defense mechanism and always has been. It’s classic “I’m big bad Smitty, look at little Nate'” and uses the same jokes he’s been using for 3 years. Very sad!

Look, not everyone is going to get along. But throwing your coach under the bus after one game is not the way championship teams are built. Not the way good team chemistry is made. We need to be better than that. We cannot allow one player to divide the locker room.

I don’t know what the GM will decide. Will I be back next week? I don’t know. I may have resigned in a moment of anger, but not sure if that’s going to stand. At the end of the day, I just want to win games with the squad. Hopefully Smitty gets on board.