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No Other Way To Put It...The Celtics Are In A Pickle


Bad spot. Baaaaad spot. Losing both games at home is inexcusable. Impossible to spin. The Bulls came into the Garden and stole the Celtics lunch. Completely and utterly bullied and pushed around it was pathetic to watch. They now essentially have to win both games in Chicago which is a tall task considering they haven’t won there since 2014.

The Celtics deserve every bit of scrutiny they will receive. The Bulls wanted these two games more and it showed. This is more than just not making deadline deals or anything like that. This was about two consecutive games of pathetic effort. The Celtics allowed the Bulls to come in and dictate how the game was played. Twice. They got punched in the mouth and couldn’t even remotely punch back, just terrible.

More on this in the morning. Time for 2K. Fuck.