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Bulls Are Back (Updated Live Blog)

I really have no idea what I just watched. Dwyane Wade draining threes, Robin Lopez all of a sudden is an assassin, prime time Rondo, Zipser hit EVERYTHING, Dwyane Wade draining threes (I needed to say this twice because it makes no sense), Niko played with confidence, Jimmy doing Jimmy things, even MCW hit a shot (he still sucks). Who are these guys? Seriously, who are these guys? I’ve watched WAY too many Bulls games this year and this is not the same team. It’s incredible. Hotter than hot. And it’s not even the rebounding like Game 1, the Bulls were simply unconscious.

Now reality. I’m sitting here right now thinking holy fuck this team could compete in the East, and that’s where my shit for brains kick in. They don’t, but I’m telling myself they do. I know heartbreak is coming, I can smell it, but who the fuck cares. The Bulls are playing fun basketball. Let’s enjoy the hell out of this ride.

Rondo and his hamburglar pants are ready to roll! I have low expectations tonight. The Bulls have been a team of great wins followed by disappointing losses. The only thing that makes me optimistic tonight is the fact that we’re not playing the Magic or Nets because then the Bulls would DEFINITELY lose. I’m expecting a step back for Portis (that was basically the perfect Bobby Portis night) and a step up for Wade (that was basically the worst game Wade could have played). Jimmy will have to do it all again in the 2nd half and then we’ll see. Already stole 1 on the road, let’s try to make it too. Live blog officially LIVE