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Game 1 For The Barstool Basketball Team Is Tonight: Take A Look How The Squad Looks

Dear Fans,

Coach Nate here. After a forfeit by our opponent last week, we are finally set to take the court in our bottom tier NYC basketball league. We’ve practiced hard (once), we’ve carb loaded (on plentiful amounts of beer), and as you can see in the above video, we are now clearly ready to take the court as a team and take on whomever they throw our way.

Under the guidance of yours truly, we have come very far in a short 11 days since we first assembled for a scrimmage. Sentences such as “I can’t feel my legs” and “I’ve literally never been in more pain” echo through the office, but that’s just called growing pains. Growing…as a team. As a community. This includes you, our fans. We aren’t out there for us. We’re out there for you. We want to win, for you. For every airball, for every missed layup, for every YP double dribble, we feel the weight of the fanbase on our shoulders. And it’s heavy.

So that’s why we show up week in and week out. That’s why we are running lines (playing knockout) after practice. We want to give all of the Barstoolaholics something to be proud of. And as you can see in the video above, me, my sweet dick, and our squad of rag tag bloggers are ready to go.

I will announce the starting lineup on Twitter before game time. We will have a new face (Owen Wilson), a player returning from suspension (Keith Marko), and an Asian (Asian).

If we play anything like how we played in the video, expect nothing less than a W tonight.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Coach Nate