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This Dude Who Claims To Be 146 Years Old Is An Asshole But Also A Genius

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ATII - The “world’s oldest person” says he now simply wants to die.

Mbah Gotho, a reportedly 146-year-old man from Central Java, Indonesia, is now making headlines after telling a regional news outlet, “What I want is to die.”

Over the past three months, Gotho says, his health has deteriorated to new lows, leaving him unable to bathe and feed himself. With his eyesight effectively long gone, Gotho now says he mostly spends his days listening to the radio.

While Gotho says his health has gotten even worse in recent months, he’s understandably been preparing for death for some time now. All the way back in 1992, when he was 122, he even purchased a gravestone near those of his children — all of which he has outlived, along with his four siblings and ten wives.


There is a about a 0.00% chance Mbah is 146 years old. He, however, is sort of a genius. He knows there is absolutely no way they can prove it. Up until like, 2014,  in Indonesia you could pretty much get away with anything. That’s one of the perks of living in a 3rd world country. It’s like the wild west. There’s no cameras. There’s no technology. You kinda just do what you want, pay a bribe here and there, and keep it moving. He realized if he claimed to be the oldest motherfucker on Earth, they’d crown him the King of Indonesia and write about him in the newspaper every day. Dude was 100% born in 1956 or some shit.

PS: It’s a savage move for him to start talking about wanting to die when Emma’s body is still warm. Couldn’t even give her 1 day in the spotlight before taking all the old person headlines. Absolutely ruthless move by Mbah.