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Hey Check Out This Giant Worm Monster Scientists Just Discovered, It's A Nightmare

I might be done with getting mad at these creatures. It’s not their fault that they’re the ugliest creatures ever. That’s on God really. He cooks them up in his laboratory cause he’s a sick, sadistic fuck. Instead I’m moving on to the people who discover and study them. What is their malfunction? What went so wrong in their lives that they said to themselves, “Hey wouldn’t it be fun to discover and dissect nightmares in animal form?” That’s a whole different kind of loose screw. Like it’s very concerning that that guy didn’t run out of the room like he was on fire after he cracked open that poster case and a giant leech shell thing came pouring out. That alone should raise a whole bunch of red flags. We had hoped to find this animal?!?!?! Lock’em up. Lock’em all up. That’s nothing like a unicorn. Unicorns don’t give me bad dreams pal.