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Big Time Mano a Mano Fight Breaks Out During Future's Set At Coachella

Ironic that if these guys had done a little percocet, molly percocet maybe they could chill out a little bit and wouldn’t be haymakering each other’s faces and spearing each other into the ground.  Fucking hate people that fight at concerts.  We get it, Vince Carter and Lamar Jackson – you’re both super tough and don’t like to be bumped in a crowd.  Maybe consider that before going to a 50 million person concert next time and heading straight for the middle by the stage.

I will say though, if you’re gonna fight, this is how it should be.  Mano a mano.  Not 5 of your buddies jumping in out of the woodwork to land sucker punches and stomp on faces or, like we’ve seen lately, do flying elbow drops to the spine.  Just square up, settle your differences and go back to looking for slutty girls wearing flower crowns to dance to Future with.