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This Guy Inspiring the Runners with a 28-3 Sign is the Hero Boston Deserves


Lord help me, I love Boston. What a time to be us. Ten championships in four different sports in 16 years. You almost can’t get nominated for an Oscar anymore without the movie being set in Boston. Every reality TV show has to have the obligatory obnoxious Masshole causing trouble and making it worth watching. A hideous crime by two evil, leeching scumbags at our signature event galvanizes the region and pulls us together. The biggest comeback in baseball history. The biggest comeback in football history. And leave it to this noble everyman to use the inspiration of one of those comebacks to motivate the runners at said event.

Making 28-3 into a Masshole rallying cry for all eternity. Or at least until the next historic comeback for the ages. Just another reason, in case you needed it for some reason, to thank the Almighty you’re from here and nowhere else. [h/t to @advil]