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North Korean Bus Tour Guide Whips Out The Bestiality Jokes Because, Well, Why Not?

NK – A North Korean tour guide was reportedly filmed telling rude jokes about three men and their wives to a bus full of people. In a video uploaded to YouTube, believed to have been filmed on a North Korean bus tour, a man is heard telling a joke about men’s wives sleeping with a painter, an electrician and a horse. The nationality of the tour guide is unknown, but he is heard telling the joke in English to passengers on the bus.

Hilarious. No, not the joke in particular. More so North Korean Bus Tours A) Exist, and 2) Have actual patrons willing to pay money to venture around that baron landscape. Just buy COD: Modern Warfare and wander around aimlessly in the deserted Cold War map. Can’t be that far off. But I don’t hate the move of attempting funny, either. There’s lots of tension going on around those parts. Why not lighten the mood with a little quip alluding to your spouse fucking Seabiscut? All tour guides need to add a little unique moxie to their voyage. Granted, Vince Vaughn in The Break Up had the lovely Chicago River and people who aren’t starving to play off of for humor, so I don’t mind this guy going straight for the horsecock. Take it from the pro’s amateur hour, pasta selling bums when it comes to the delivery of bestiality jokes on the mic. Or something like that.

North Korea has gotta have some BRUTAL rooms/buses/shacks for stand-up, so kudos for him for actually getting laughs. Gotta make sure the joke lands, or else. I bet if you don’t get a few cackles you’d probably find yourself face first looking down an Anti-Aircraft gun by orders of the Supreme Leader. In fact, maybe we should send all hacks over to North Korea to try to hone their craft or die trying. Biceps first.