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This Dude Breaks Down How 'The Chainsmokers' Write Their Songs And It's Very Accurate

Nailed it. He really did. Other than the parts where he kept laughing at himself, that video is perfect. Everyone has long thought what was in that video. That ‘The Chainsmokers’ are basically just Mad Lib music. Toss out random words and random locations onto random keys and boom mega hits. Everything he said in that video is 100% accurate. And guess what? Nobody cares. Everybody loves The Chainsmokers. Even people who say they don’t love The Chainsmokers, love The Chainsmokers. People can tell me until they’re blue in the face that they hate The Chainsmokers but I’d bet my bottom dollar that their toe is tapping during Closer. It just is. I’m listening to Closer right now. People love brainless things that make them feel good. People love things that make life sound awesome even though life really isn’t that awesome. The Chainsmokers occupy that space better than anyone. So yes, that guy cracked the code on how The Chainsmokers make their hits, but it won’t matter. The brainless songs about Paris and Boulder and whatever else are straight fire.