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April The Giraffe Kicks A Veterinarian Right In The Penis

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 9.25.03 AM

April The Giraffe is fed the fuck up with people and I don’t blame her one bit. April has gone weeks on live cam with people across the globe looking at her genitals. April has her kid a few days ago so she probably thinks she is finally gonna get some privacy. Not happening.

This vet wanders in doing some checks and April does what any mother would do in this situation. She fires off a warning shot. April could have done much, much more to this doctor if she wanted to.

“Hey Chaps. Are you suggesting that giraffes, while cute and adorable, still have the natural disposition to protect their young even whilst living in a zoo enclosure?”

You bet your ass I am, pal.

Look, giraffes will fuck you up. Simple as that. Let’s look at some video proof whilst thanking April for not murdering her doctor with her powerful neck and head.