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Getting Stuck In The Toilet After Attempting The Barehanded Unclog Isn't The Best Look For Life

NEW CANEY – Have a clogged toilet? Don’t have a plunger? Don’t try this move. A woman in New Caney, near Houston, found out the hard way to not stick her hand where it didn’t belong – especially while wearing a wrist watch. She tells KHOU 11 News she didn’t have a plunger for her clogged toilet, so she used her hand. Gracie Henderson had just moved into her new home, and since she didn’t have a plunger nearby she thought she could fix the clog with a little manhandling, but her watch got stuck! Firefighters had to remove the toilet, and Gracie, from the home and then destroy the porcelain throne to free her – all while her new neighbors watched. She’s embarrassed but okay. And she was a good sport about it for sharing the video with KHOU 11.

Gracie, darling. That’s not the greatest look for life, or humanity in general. If she dropped something of extreme value to her like her wedding band or a few Nips of Banker’s Club, then it would be one thing. But venturing down the shitter to unclog it manually has gotta be a violation for mankind. If anything, it’s devolutionary. Monkeys willingly go after their own feces for power and/or humorous reasons. Gracie not only has the ability to walk upright, think, talk, read (maybe), and somehow vote. There’s zero reason for her to be dealing with her own shit like that. But props to her friend for asking first for the embarrassing video to be put on Facebook. “Hell no” obviously means YouTube is fine.

Just learn from the great Homer and let go of the (probable) beer, lady. Problem solved.