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Tank Time Featuring "Frank The Tank" Starts Tonight At Midnight


I’m proud to announce that tonight is the launch of Tank Time featuring Frank The Tank. Honestly I couldn’t be more excited for Frank to start. What are his hours you ask? Well he clocks in at midnight and clocks out every morning at 6am. He is only going to work weekends to begin. During that time Barstool belongs to the Tank. And for those who haven’t been paying attention here are a couple quick Frank facts you should be aware of.

1. He has been in the blogging business longer than I have. He launched his website in 2001 and has been updating it every single fucking day. It still looks like this.


2. He hasn’t updated the look of his website since 2003.

3. He sleeps in shifts. He mentioned this casually to me during the course of our negotiations.

4. He loves balloons.

Anyway 17 years of grinding day in and day out has finally led to this. It’s a story about perseverance and the will to win. It’s Tank’s shot at the big time. It may be the most anticipated debut in the history of Barstool. And if this video he posted for 20 people over a year ago is any indication things could get nuts