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Superman And Batman Beat The Shit Out Of A Homeless Man

Do NOT fuck with Hollywood Boulevard (I assume?) superheroes and that goes double for guys who are in horrible, shitty costumes. They’re already out there embarrassing and emasculating themselves  for a couple bucks, they’re not to be pushed. A guy in a legit costume may be someone who would ignore a chirp but dudes out there in some homemade bullshit you know they’ve already had it up to here with life and are just begging to punch something in the face. People say don’t fuck with homeless guys because they’ve got nothing to lose, but homeless people have also pretty much given up. Costumed adults? They’re still holding out hope and are willing to die for that last ounce of pride they have.

On top of all that there’s something to be said about putting on a superhero costume. Granted, I haven’t done it since I was age appropriate but that shit literally made you feel like a superhero, like you could jump off the garage and actually fly. I’m sure that translates to adulthood. Much like a cop putting on his badge makes him feel like a badass, or putting on your hockey gear for a men’s league game makes you feel like you’re a kid again, once you pop that S on your chest you feel the need to defend all that is innocent.

Shoutout to that pussy Batman though, didn’t do a goddamn thing. He was exactly as useless as he’d be in a real Superman fight. You’re rich, dude. Go fucking home. Let the alien with actual powers save the world.