Fast And The Furious 8 Was... Well, It Was Just Incredible

I can’t tell you how blessed I’ve been over the last 36 hours or so, from Charlie McAvoy to a Bruins W to Fast 8 I’ve just been living a life far better than the one I deserve.

Listen, I know some people think my love for the Fast and the Furious franchise is some kind of joke but it absolutely is not. Everything I’ve ever said about it I meant wholeheartedly: it’s an incredibly entertaining action franchise and it’s just about as much fun as you’ll ever have at the movies. Fast 8 was no different.

The Fate of the Furious is a two and a half hour movie with seven… count them, SEVEN… action sequences that each probably cost the budget of a full movie. The film is riddled with explosions, gear shifts, gunfire, car wrecks, and more explosions. Last night there were a handful of occasions where a theater full of adults erupted with more cheers and applause than when a group of scrappy college kids took down the Red Army in 1980. Everyone was that into it.

I don’t expect it to win an Oscar, a stipulation I always offer, but if you’re looking for fun then there’s no better way to spend 18 dollars than by seeing a Fast movie in theaters. I would’ve paid 100 because it’s entertaining than most sporting events. The Rock and Jason Statham have an unreal fight scene, Statham has another adorable (yes I said adorable, you’ll understand) fight scene, a wrecking ball destroys 100 cars, every car in New York City gets in a remote controlled car race, they use a MUSCLE CAR to fight a SUBMARINE. If you’re gonna tell me you don’t want to see that shit then I’m gonna point you to a brain doctor.

I don’t know where the franchise goes from here, I feel like they gotta go fight GTOs in space or some shit, but I can’t wait to find out. Fast 8 was the most fun I’ve had at the theater in a long time, the person I went with hadn’t seen any Fast movies and even they loved it. Go now and thank me later.