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OddsShark Presents Glenny & The Bets


We have Breaking News out of Long Island: I won a bet. My first bet since the 2nd day of the tournament, Friday March 17th. It feels good. The Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim rallied together to score more than 8 runs for me and it was the best I’ve felt since the Rangers won on Monday. Beautiful. I’m back. Baseball’s in full affect, let’s roll.

Matt’s picks are down below

Off to an 0-4 start to Baseball season on here. Unfortunate, but between now and then I’ve been able to erase a large portion of March from my fiscal memory.  A little heater if you will. Anyway, pick your spots.

The Who Cares Picks Record: 36-30

Leans Leans Leans: Dbacks +215, Royals -130, Yanks -145

Bonus NHL Playoffs: Blues +1.5 -170, Rangers +130

Time for what Balls has in store this week

  • White Sox/Twins Over 9
    • I’ll shoot you guys straight- I have absolutely no idea who Dylan Covey or Adalberto Mejia are. Never heard of ‘em. 2 pitchers I’ve never heard of dueling on their 2 terrible teams is the recipe for an over. Love overs of bad teams. I probably take more Brewers overs than I did Chargers overs during football season.
  • Brewers/Reds Over 9
    • Well, I basically have the same exact rationale here with I do my first pick. Scott Feldman and Tommy Milone going head to head on a crisp night next to the Ohio River is the recipe for a run or 10.
  • Jazz/Clippers Over 200
    • Holy Saturday. 10:30pm Pregame special. Nothing better. Over’s being bet at 62%. This game will go into the wee hours of Easter Sunday and everyone knows that’s when Jesus himself had risen. The over will rise.

Good Luck this weekend everyone! Happy Easter and Passover to all. May God give us some victories. As always you can find Matt and I are on Twitter @Mbrowner55 and @glenny_balls. See ya next week.