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Up And Coming New Jersey Politician In The Middle Of A Campaign Caught On Camera Telling A Woman At The Bar "You Should Fuck Me" While Sloppy Drunk

PoliticoThe video clip is just 10 seconds long, but it was enough to cause Cape May County Republicans to pull support from the candidate they had endorsed for Assembly in what was supposed to be one of the most competitive districts in the state.

“Let me tell you right now,” the candidate, Brian McDowell, said at a Wildwood bar, slurring his words, to a woman who’s barely in the frame. “You should f–k me. It would really be good. Listen, you never know.” McDowell said the woman in the video is a friend of his whose identity he did not wish to reveal.

After the video circulated around South Jersey last week, Cape May County Republicans disavowed McDowell, saying on the party’s Facebook page that “issues and information have surfaced.”

Let me tell you something. No this is not a good look. I mean it’s not surprising because like, he’s a politician, and what else would you expect from a politician, whether they’re new to the game or they’ve been around forever – they’re all slimy greaseballs. A “real estate agent and former Apprentice contestant turned politician” in fucking Wildwood getting sloppy drunk and bothering women at the bar is not just unsurprising, it’s pretty much expected.  But what I’ll tell you, to McDowell’s credit – this excuse is 100 100 100 100:

But McDowell — a contestant on the third season of “The Apprentice” who also coordinated President Donald Trump’s campaign in Cape May County — has no plans to drop out of the race.

“There are human errors and even Jesus dropped the cross three times,” McDowell, a 41-year-old unmarried real estate broker, told POLITICO. “I’m not running to be the Pope. I’m running to make New Jersey more affordable.”

Jesus did drop the cross three times, people forget that.  If Christ can fuck up like that I think we can give this shmuck one free pass for getting too drunk and horny at the Jersey Shore?

And why are we all of a sudden acting like crude comments toward women are some sort of end-all be-all for a politician in the middle of the race?  “You should fuck me” – a LOT nicer than just grabbing a chick by the pussy.  I mean at least he’s asking permission.