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Blackhawks vs Preds Game 1 LIVE BLOG

A couple little quick facts that I forgot to mention in the preview blog

Fact #1 The Blackhawks were one of the better teams in the league at home this year. 26-10-5

Fact #2 The Predators are the WORST road team in the league to make the playoffs. 17-20-4

Fact #3 Game 1 is in the BIGGEST, BADDEST, LOUDEST RINK in America.

This team has it. All the Blackhawks have to do is play their game. Play fast, play disciplined, and come at the Predators in waves. Take away ice, take away, the puck and wear Nashville the FUCK OUT because they can. The Hawks are the best team. Time to prove it. LETS GO HAWKS. IT OUR YEAR, AGAIN