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A Dude Got Rejected Asking For A Chick's Number And He Went On A Butthurt Tirade For The Ages

Ahhhh courtship. The classic push-pull dynamic you want early in a relationship. Is he in love? Is he wildly insecure and needs to show his worth in other ways after this thiccccccc girl was having none of what he was putting out there? Who knows, and that’s just the mystery he needs to make this happen. Women always say they want passion. Well hey yellow dress, here’s passion looking you right in the eyes. How many men will publicly berate you over your finances while showing off $500 in cash he’s carrying around that may very well be the entirety of his life savings? Probably not many! All you’ve got to do is redirect that initial interest he had and the subsequent negative energy into a more positive activity. It’s a thin line between love and hate but it’s a thinner line between shoving money in a random woman’s face while shouting at her to show you’re not worthless and the most fulfilling relationship you can ever have.

But really that was deeeeeep seated shit that guy was working through to fly off the handle like that. I have to imagine the chick was like “No I’m not giving you my number you broke ass ___” and then he went off but that’s a pretty basic rejection not deserving of a two minute soliloquy that brings out all the disinterested security guards. Gotta trigger warning this snowflake if you’re talking about his funds and denying him ass in the process, now we know that.

(h/t Flyheight)