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Bruins Go From Zero Shots In the 2nd Period To Taking The Hearts, Minds And Souls of Ottawa And Effectively Ending The Series Before It Began

For 2 quarters of hockey the Bruins ignored my advice. They weren’t putting pucks on net. They literally had zero shots on goal in the 2nd period which has only happened like twice in the history of hockey. But then the Bruins rebounded by taking it to Ottawa in the 3rd scoring 2 unanswered goals with the game winner coming with 2 minutes left in the game dealing Ottawa a heartbreaking defeat on their home ice. A loss that the Sens will not be able to recover from. Yes I know it’s only 1 game and I know this is a 7 game serious, but I know sports and I know hockey. You don’t bounce back from a loss like that. This series is over. Anything less than a clean sweep would be stunning at this point. The Senators are officially dead. Mark it down.