"Stick Em Up!" Said The Rock To The Adorable Red Panda

The internet is the root cause of a lot of bad things. Every day online will subject you to harassment of people behind anonymous names. But also, ALSO, the internet can give you some good. Easy shopping, naked women, the ability to harass people behind anonymous names, and downright adorable videos.

This is the last one.

I’m not much for “cute” things, as I despise almost everything, no matter how cute, but even I must admit this cute little red panda having its lunch money stolen by this inanimate object is simply delightful. You never know what the internet is gonna give you when you log on but we’re all happier people having seen this today. Stop being such a bully, rock! Let that darling little animal have his fun! Awwww, heck, you two crazy kids just keep having your fun.