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Netherlands Gameshow Asks Men To Judge Whether Women Are Pregnant Or Fat

NY Post- A new reality show in the Netherlands has come under fire for asking male contestants to judge whether a woman is fat or pregnant.

The show, “Neem Je Zwemspullen Mee” or “Bring Your Bathing Suit,” aired its first episode Sunday. A woman walked out to a rotating podium in the middle of the studio where four men were asked to contemplate whether she was growing a human life, or if she’d gained weight. Another segment asked the male contestants if a woman’s breasts were real or fake.

An online petition to kick the show off the air reads, “KRO-NCRV decided that the budget of public broadcasting can be best spent to be downgraded to a game involving women as pieces of meat… The program is thus suggesting that it is okay to shamelessly to assess a person’s body.”

Following the backlash, the production company released a statement explaining that “through these satirical settings, we laugh off all forms of prejudices.”

Holland I love you. Turning a game I play every day on the subway into a syndicated game show. We all know you have to give up your seat if she’s pregnant. But if she’s just fat, you let her stand because everyone knows you burn more calories standing up. So really, when you force an overweight person to stand up, you become their personal trainer/savior.

Love their rationale too: by making fun of this, we “laugh off all forms of prejudices.” Fight fire with fire. If everyone starts using the N-word, we’ll stamp out racism. What could possibly go wrong?

In all seriousness, asking a woman you think might be pregnant “when are you due?” might bet he riskiest question of all time. I’m not taking that chance unless she’s holding the sonogram and I can see that little fucker kicking inside.