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Why Is It's Always Sunny Still So Goddamn Funny? Let This Breakdown Tell You.

I’ll be totally honest, this video didn’t wow me, but long ago I made a pledge to post all things that recognize Sunny’s greatness so here I am posting this.

But as for the breakdown itself? Not exactly eye opening. Sunny is still so great because the cast members and creators are so deeply connected to the writing process? Uhhhh yeah, no shit. Didn’t exactly need 11 minutes to break that one down.

Perhaps I’m wrong but this whole thing seems to be really overthinking it, like this guy put more thought into why It’s Always Sunny is so great than the guys do into every episode. I’ll say it again, I could be wrong, but I don’t think the guys saw 12 years of psychological expansion of characters and how their relationship with their parents would play into that when they first started writing the show to film by themselves on camcorders. They’ll be the first to tell you they didn’t really know what their plan was. They’re just funny actors and funny writers and funny producers. The show is still so funny because they’re so funny and, much like Seinfeld (Sunny has often been called Seinfeld on crack) and differently from The Office, they don’t have a need to make the characters “evolve” or “grow up.” Charlie and The Waitress don’t need to get together and have children like Jim and Pam did. Everyone doesn’t need to fall in love like Michael and Dwight did. Yes, that solitude fits the characters but I think it’s just more a choice of the writers rather than a desire to stay true. The whole breakdown smelled like something that was trying to hold them up as supreme geniuses, which they definitely are, rather than guys who are just fucking funny, which is what I always attributed the show’s greatness too.

And all of this makes Dennis’ probable departure that much more painful. If the show’s incredible run is due to excellent writing and perfect casting then what’s to come of all that when one of the main guys most likely goes on his own? “The gang” isn’t NSYNC, there isn’t one Timberlake whose departure you know will be the downfall, but they’re all equally important so I’m interested/scared to see what’s to come if this Dennis situation does play out as we all expect it too.