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A Jiu Jitsu Dude Showed Off A Bunch Of Different Ways To Fight Off United Airlines Officials When Getting Dragged Off A Flight

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But first of all…hilarious concept by the MMA dude, only heightened by the fact that he played it completely seriously like only an MMA instructor can. No time for jokes, there are people getting dragged around all over the country in desperate need of Gracie jiu-jitsu techniques to defend themselves. Going viral is a goal, I’m sure, but I believe that teaching the poor, the enfeebled, the fat bellied doctors bleeding like a stuck pig is all this dude cares about, like Bruce Lee did only without the mysterious death of himself and his son decades later in the world’s only “Whoops we forgot to use fake bullets on this movie set” accidental killing (a lot of you may be too young to remember this but it’s kinda weird how we just blew past this one as a people).

And this all seems pretty practical. I’d like to believe none of us will get dragged off a United flight — or even book one — any time soon but you can never be too safe or sorry. And could you imagine how badass it would be if a similar situation happened and all of a sudden you were busting out triangle chokes or arm bars? A lesser person may have expected the Asian doctor to know those martial arts things inherently but NO now it can be you going viral for fighting off agents when an airline decides “Ehh you bought that ticket but do you really own it? Susan from accounting needs to get to her vacation.” That’s worth its weight in gold. Internet video gold.

Now if only this MMA dude could teach Dr David Dao how to defend himself from United’s borderline evil PR teams:

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 8.29.13 AM

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 8.28.56 AM

Guillotine choke the drug trafficking for gay sex allegations away, I think we could all stand to learn that at the nearest Tiger Schulmann’s.