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Good News! Ben Simmons Is Officially Cleared To Play Basketball Just In Time For The Offseason!

LB – There’s finally some good news on the Ben Simmons injury front. Simmons himself has confirmed a CT scan taken on his foot on Tuesday had indeed come back clean. We’ll take you through the timeline of today’s events for a little background info. Early Tuesday morning, Howard Eskin reported Simmons would undergo a CT scan to determine if his broken right foot was fully healed. It was his first publicly known scan since Feb. 23.

IT’S HAPPENING!!! On the final day of the regular season, the #1 overall pick is ready to ball. No holds barred. Or 5 on 5 in situation basketball only. Same thing. Still, it’s better to have a healed bone in the offseason than a broken one on the bench. I guess. Now send him overseas to get a fetus’s worth of stem cells injected into that foot a la Embiid in Qatar just to make sure we’re good to go. After that, suit him up for the Summer League and have him drop those dimes and panties like last year!


Oh well. Yeah, it stinks, but it’ll be well worth the wait once/if everyone if finally firing on all cylinders. Come October 2017, we got (good lord willing) Simmons, Embiid, Saric, at least one lottery pick, a cute FA signing, and the fallout from an Okafor trade. CUE IT UP.