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This Thief On A Getaway Bike Who Had To Go Back To Pick Up His Money In The Rain Is, Frankly, Not Good At Robbery

This is such a silly video in so many ways. Maybe it’s movies and TV but I expect a certain degree of competence from my robbers. You get in, you get out, and it’s silky smooth every step of the way or else they’d get caught. But this week it’s been cleaning ladies with no respect for boundaries and guys like this who made off with what seems like a decent amount of money and he’s riding away like Elliott and ET while fumbling all over the place. I guess it’s nice to know that you don’t have to be an Ocean’s Eleven caliber genius to pull off a successful crime but dammit being smart enough to not spill your money all over in the rain, have to sadly come back, and then still leaving half of it on the floor is not the look I want from my bandits.

And honestly I feel bad for the cops here too. I have to imagine with how bad at crime this dude seems they’re going to catch him slipping sooner than later, they may even have already. But if you somehow don’t catch this guy no matter how much he stole or wherever he is when he’s going viral basically bungling around on camera, that’s a bad look. That’s the time to embrace your inner Batman, be willing to go above and beyond the law to make sure this dude leaving money scattered all over after committing a robbery doesn’t get away with it. If you can’t stop an incompetent thief on a bicycle literally spilling evidence as he runs, you need to reconsider your policing career.