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I'd Be Worried If Ric Flair Wasn't Getting Thrown Out Of Bars For Telling The Fat Bartender To "Lose Some Weight"

TMZ - We spoke with a bar staffer who says Flair hurled insults at the male bartender — called him a “fat ass” and said, “Lose some weight.” The last insult was captured on video obtained by ProWrestlingSheet.com.  Flair was told to leave the joint and on his way out, we’re told the WWE legend threw out the classic line — “You don’t know who I am!” and “I’ll have you out of a job!” We’re told Flair is no longer welcome back at the bar.

Lose some weight, babygirl! Man, what a throwback to simpler days. I’m so glad Ric brought it back. A line as classic as time itself. Me and my friends still say it to each other. It’s become a staple of our vernacular. Of course we don’t say it to actual fat people (because we don’t talk to them), but it’s a solid line nonetheless.

If you’re a C-list celebrity, telling the overweight employee who you disagree with to “lose some weight” is always clutch. It’s when you are completely out of options, know you’re in the wrong, but still have to be on the attack. At this point it’s just such a classic line that I’d be upset if Ric Flair didn’t use it on camera. Flair also threw in the “you don’t know who I am”, which is always good to say when the bartender clearly doesn’t know nor care who you are.

But at the end of the day, this is the Ric Flair we know and love. If he’s not in the news at least bi-weekly because he’s getting kicked out of bars or getting detained in airports, that’s when we start to worry. So all is good with Ric, thank goodness. Wooooooo!