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Does This Look Like the Face of a Chick Charged With Raping a Male Cabbie?



News-MessengerA Fremont resident has been indicted on first-degree felony rape and aggravated robbery charges in Hancock County after police allege … Brittany S. Carter, 23, entered a taxi around 4:24 a.m. on Jan. 28 with Cory L. Jackson, 20, of Lima, who held a knife at the male cab driver while Carter performed a sex act on him. …

“We don’t know why she did it,” Findlay Detective Lt. Robert Ring said Friday of the sexual act. “Maybe it was a distraction because they took money from him.”

Ring said Carter and Jackson took $32 from the driver’s pocket and left the scene. … Ring said the man was not injured from the incident.

We’re talking about a hummer here, right? Can we all agree Brittany Carter gave the cabbie a hummer while her friend robbed him? Can news outlets just have a grown up conversation for once and tell us what actually went down (intentional) instead of this “performed a sex on him” ragtime? If she did something else, like bugger the poor guy with a dildo or whatever, just say it. Because then we’d have a story. Then we’d have a crime being committed, a victim, a couple of perps who are armed and dangerous and doing harm to the good working people of Hancock County, Ohio. Instead of a pretty fun story about a crazy head queen running around giving cabbie blow jibbers while her boyfriend watches.

And it is fun. Apart from the knife to the throat thing. Which is as cruel and sadistic as it was unnecessary. I mean, I can’t speak for the cabbie. Maybe he’s a religious zealot or a happily married guy and wanted no part of getting top from the likes of Brittany Carter. Or maybe he’s think he’s way out of her league and can do better. But I doubt it. Every cabbie I’ve ever had has struck me as a guy who’s saving up for a dream vacation tour of Bangkok sex dungeons. And who would gladly trade 32 bucks for some oral from a chick of her caliber. So like I said, assuming that’s what went on here, I think Brittany and Corey Jackson are just going about this whole moneymaking scheme all wrong. There are much more peaceful, user-friendly ways to earn your Oxycontin money.