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Weird Move By Justin Verlander By Going With "Gosh Damnit" After Already Dropping An F-Bomb

“Oh my God! Let’s fuckin’ go! Gosh damnit!”

This is gonna be me as a dad some day. My kid’s obviously gonna suck because he’ll have me as a father, and whenever he does something to piss me off, I won’t be able to stop the urge to just let it fly with the F-bombs because I’m a psychopath. But then halfway through my fit of rage, I’ll have a moment of clarity and switch from dropping motherfuck bombs on my child to “gosh damnit.”

That’s gotta be what happened there with Justin Verlander, right? Like, he got wicked pissed and then halfway through, he realized that he was probably one taking the Lord’s name in vain away from getting ejected from a 1-0 ballgame. I admire the hell out of that kind of restraint. Can’t be easy. Once I lose my shit, I’m fully committed to going into a full-blown tirade without any consideration of the repercussions. Kudos to Verlander for throwing on the brakes when it looked like the home plate umpire was all sorts of close to giving him the heave-ho.

PS — That was definitely a strike.