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FOLKS.... It's Charlie McAvoy Time In Boston

Wooooo baby! Hold on to your butts, everyone! Stanley Cup here we come!

I’m sure there are still some jabronis out there who will preach, “Don’t burn a year!” because it’s a phrase they heard someone smarter than them say, just like “layers” was hot in the streets a few years ago, but I say fuckkkkk that. It’s the NHL playoffs. It’s the most “get in and you’ve got a chance to win” tournament in sports so you’d be an absolute fool to not put your best squad out there. Charlie McAvoy was a monster at the world juniors, then he was a monster at BU, then he went to Providence and was on the ice for exactly zero goals in his stint there. He’s ready and with all the injuries to the D men, plus the fact that Ottawa is a very winnable series, it’s an absolute no-brainer to have him up with the big boys. Fuck “burning a year.” So Charlie gets a million dollar raise a year early and when Zdeno Chara is most likely retired. Big deal.

Bring him up now. Get past Ottawa. Maybe get healthier. Then go on a real run. Again, if you’re in the playoffs then you’ve got as good a shot as anyone to win the Stanley Cup. You think it’s outrageous for the Bruins to at least get to the ECF? Because I sure as hell don’t. I’m not saying it’s probable, but I’m also definitely not saying it’s outrageous. No sense in “not burning a year” when that’s on the line.

Charlie has risen, ladies and gentlemen, and he’s done it a week before Easter. Charlie McAvoy is more impressive than Jesus when you think about it like that.