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UFC 210 Went Off Without A Hitch Last Night...JK, New York's Athletic Commission Fucked Everything Up Again

UFC 210: Weidman v Mousasi

In this blog, I’d like to talk about the co-main event of the evening…Chris “The All-American” Weidman vs Gegard Mousasi. This was the fight I felt like everyone was looking forward to the most. Two top contenders who have never met in the octagon before, clashing styles and dishing it out. This is also the fight I’m unfortunately referring to in my headline.

The first round was very enjoyable, especially as a Weidman fanboy, where he saw lots of success in his takedowns and grappling. Gegard looked stiff, but was putting up a good fight, and landed against Chris on multiple occasions. The second round is where everything went into a tailspin.

Chris shot for a takedown that was stopped by Gegard. While stuffing the takedown, Mousasi threw two knees that caught Weidman in the head. The first of which was legal, the second of which APPEARED to be illegal because of Chris’ hands touching the canvas. Referee Dan Miragliotta stopped the action at this point, and brought in a doctor to check on Weidman. While being checked on, the viewers at home along with Joe Rogan, Dominick Cruz, and PMT recurring guest Jon Anik on commentary were watching the replay which proved that BOTH knees were legal, meaning this fight should never have been stopped. New York doesn’t have a replay rule, so the referee should not be able to overturn a decision he made in theory. The referee was informed that the replays show the knees were legal, he tells Chris, who is FUCKED UP and in disbelief, and the doctor attending to him said to call the fight. Miragliotta didn’t want to, and Weidman started yelling and saying he was fine and could fight, but it was too late. Dan’s arms were waving in the air and the fight was over.

Just a miscommunication on all fronts, and I’m still baffled as to what happened and who i should be mad at. I mean, the ref should have never stopped the fight, but with the new criteria of what a “grounded fighter” is, he was just trying to be careful. Then, the replay shit, and the doctor stoppage, it was all bananas. I’ve seen a few people say be mad at Weidman for milking it and costing himself the fight, but I think he really was out of it. He was slurring his words and not making sense in his post fight interview. I think the majority of the blame here has to come down on the New York State Athletic Commission. Dana put it best…with them, it’s like we’re back in 2001. Octagon Bob was 3 in 2001. We don’t wanna be in 2001. I would never agree to fight in New York if I were a fighter. Not until they figured their shit out.

But hey, our girl Katlyn Chookagian picked up a decision victory, and that was pretty fucking cool.