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Javy Baez Almost Dies In Outfield Crash


Definitely not how you want to start the weekend. 1-1 games with the goddamn Milwaukee Brewers and Javy Baez’s brains spilled all over the Miller Park outfield grass. No fucking bueno to say the least. Obviously we hope Javy doesn’t end up on the DL, selfishly. His versatility is so valuable to the club. As is his all star caliber talent. But as we know from Adam Greenberg, head injuries can end a career overnight and I will not be okay with this until I see Javy send some missiles onto waveland. In all seriousness, let’s pray to god he’s okay.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 10.28.47 PM

Sup Javy

Speaking of Adam Greenberg, let’s wrap up the invitational so I can hand out some tickets to one of you filthy animals before opening day. Elite 8 on the way. Championship Monday. Polls are now open: