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Looking To Have Sex Tonight? Try Watching The Masters' Channel On DirecTV

Folks, with these smooth tunes and couple of full-bodied reds, your ole pal Chaps might be well on his way to some intercourse tonight. Feels good to be a cultured person who appreciates music and golf and can cook a fine meal for m’lady like pimento cheese sandwiches. I appreciate that about myself and I’m sure that my wife will appreciate it as well. And, I got a haircut today so I’m feeling like a million bucks.

“Hey Chaps. Pictured you as an extreme lover. I thought you’d like having sex to early 2000s rap. What gives, my good bitch?”

Lots of people have thought that over the years but the truth is that I’m a rather gentle lover. I enjoy romance and tannins on a Friday evening, and I just so happen to have that on my google calendar for later in the evening.