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Yasiel Puig Comeback Tour Looking Pretty Good So Far After Three Homers In His First Four Games



I wrote about Puig being poised for a major comeback year here, here, and here. Listen, I can’t even really do too much of a victory dance over this. Why? Because it was just too fuckin’ obvious. Puig was EMBARRASSED last year. But he deserved it, honestly. He came up in 2013, immediately enjoyed great success, felt what it was like to live that superstar life, and then he just tried to coast and it didn’t work out for ‘em. That kind of mentality doesn’t work out for most people. This is the major fucking leagues. You can’t just put your feet up and hit homers in your sleep. You have to work at it every single day, and it was pretty obvious that he was not.

I’m not gonna run through the numbers again, but when Puig got demoted last summer, I think that really was his wakeup call and he hit the shit out of the ball down there to get back in that Dodger dugout. This is his year to prove that he belongs there, and that’s exactly what he’s doing in the early going. It’s a long season and obviously nothing is determined after four games, but you can’t come out of the shoot any better than that.

You know what else I like about this new Puig? He’s taking his walks. You figure, you come out of the gate like that, blast three homers and a double and you’re gonna wanna swing at everything while you’re hot. He’s not doing doing that. He’s already walked four times. I’m telling you — he’s a changed man, and that’s exciting news for Dodgers fans, because he’s only 26 years old with plenty of time to become the megastar that we all thought he’d become back in 2013.