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I Totally Understand This Cardinals WR Getting Arrested After Not Getting His Hat Back From A Club

ESPN - Authorities say an Arizona Cardinals wide receiver was arrested outside a Scottsdale nightclub on suspicion of disorderly conduct and failure to obey police commands.

Scottsdale police say 22-year-old Marquis Bundy was acting disorderly toward the International’s security staff at about 2:45 a.m. Saturday.

Police say Bundy told officers that his hat was missing or stolen from the club and he wanted to speak with somebody about it.

When told by club security guards that they had not seen his hat, Bundy reportedly got agitated and would not leave the scene, leading to his arrest.


As the resident club guy, but also the resident hat guy, this video and arrest speaks to me on a higher level. I understand everything Marquis Bundy is saying, I feel all the emotions, I might even start a protest in DC about this miscarriage of justice.

Being forced to remove your hat when you enter an establishment is one of the worst feelings in the world. If I didn’t have the need to wear a hat to begin with, I wouldn’t have one on. It’s not like I want to be wearing a hat, it’s that I don’t want everyone to see my hairline is receding from both sides and I have a Jupiter sized bald spot in the back. So the club should understand this and be like hey Nate, you wear that Harwich Mariners hat, good luck to ya.

So seeing Marquis Bundy not be able to get his hat back at the end of the night was very upsetting. The club couldn’t even give him an explanation on where it went. It was their responsibility to hold onto it for him. To keep it safe and sound. And they fucked it up. So no shit he got angry. You don’t fuck with a man’s hat. I totally get him not wanting to leave without it. Some would say it’s stupid to allow yourself to get cuffed over a baseball hat, but others would say it’s the principle of the matter. Some people’s hats are like their family. You don’t get between them. The club owes him, and all hat people alike, a big apology and a promise that they won’t let it happen again.