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Brad Marchand Suspended Two Games For That Little Shot To The Penis Incident

Not surprising. Not fair and total bullshit, but not surprising either. Maybe I’m a sucker but in my heart of hearts I don’t actually think Marchand was trying to hit Dotchin in his dick here, I think he was frustrated and swung his stick maliciously, a no-no in its own right, but I don’t think he was going cockshot here.

But, reputation are a thing and Marchand has one. It sucks because he’s one of the best players in the NHL who’s deserving of Hart Trophy chatter and he’s never gonna get the respect he deserves as long as incidents like this occur at least every year. He’s not gonna get that respect even though Sidney Crosby does the EXACT same bullshit and doesn’t ever catch a case because he’s Sidney Crosby. Here he was two weeks ago…

Crosby couldn’t even perhaps play the “we were battling in front to the net and I swung my stick” card on that one, as he pretty clearly knew what he was trying to do for a while there. He sought after that dick like a heatseeking missile and didn’t get a suspension or even a hearing. What happened two days later? He cut a guy’s finger off with a slash.

So yeah it’s a little strange that the top goal scorer in the league doesn’t even have his phone ring following multiple incidents, something some would call a “history,” and the second leading scorer gets a two game benching. But that’s the world we live in.

Sidney Crosby can do what he wants, as often as he wants and Brad Marchand gets suspended for little shit because of his “reputation.” It sucks. Sucks bad as he certainly wouldn’t hurt as we jockey for position in the east. At least he’ll be back for the playoffs. Anything that seeped into that would be riot worthy, this is just fuck DoPS worthy.