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Lance Stephenson Called The Raptors Out For Once Scoring A Meaningless Hoop At The End Of A Game Just Like He Did On Tuesday

They got mad at me for what I did but look at this. All I did was jelly. When Lance Stephenson do it's a big deal

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The Raptors reaction after Lance’s layup for anyone that didn’t read yesterday’s blog.

There are not many things in the world worse than having your own words or actions used against you. It’s like when someone takes your hands and says “Why are you hitting yourself?” I’m sure I have contradicted something I’ve blogged or tweeted in the past because I am an idiot paid to be an idiot on the internet. But I like to think that if I got all up in someone’s face about something the way the Raptors did to Lance, I think I’d be able to remember that I was being a hypocrite. And it’s not like that clip is from 1998 or anything. Damon Stoudamire didn’t fire an outlet pass to Tracy McGrady for some stat padding. That was last season. April 12th to be exact. Less than a year ago. And at least Lance just laid it up and in during his first game back in Indy. He wasn’t going full fucking windmill right and rubbing his proverbial dick in his opponent’s proverbial eye.

And while P.J. Tucker was in Phoenix when this went down last season, DeMar DeRozan had a seat on the bench and wasn’t coming onto the court to lecture his teammate about the unwritten rules of professional sports. Which is why I’m asking for athletes to stop with the holier than thou shit. It’s a gentleman’s agreement to run the clock out. If someone wants to break it, they break it. If they happen to be a crazy person like Lance Stephenson, that’s even less of a big deal. In the long run, the only real losers in this scenario are the people that bet the Unders and lose because a worthless layup or dunk at the end of the game made the over come in. Will somebody think about the bettors for once?

By the way, Tim Donaghy would have called a phantom travel on either of those last plays if they would have effected his Under bet.