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This Dude Eating About 20 Punches From A Spring Break Chick And Not Throwing Fists In Return Means Chivalry Is BACK

Holding doors, saying please and thank you, pulling out a girl’s chair, and eating a 20-piece super combo from a trashy (yet not unattractive) Spring Break chick without throwing a single shot back: That’s what chivalry is. And honestly the issue of a girl punching you is one of life’s great tests. Based on things I’ve seen before online I feel like I’m in the minority but I’m pretty firmly in the “You can’t hit a chick unless your life literally depended on it” camp, you just gotta guard your face, try to grab the wrists and wait for her to tucker herself out like a child in need of a nap.

But this guy went a whole level beyond. No face guarding, no running, just a leisurely walk away while picking up belongings while this chick continued to chase after him and waylay him as best she could. A lot of guys would be like “Equal rights, equal fights” but the size advantage, the testosterone advantage, and the awful look it would be to get captured on video throwing a haymaker at a gal…no thank you. That’s all downside. Be a gentleman like this guy, eat all the fists, and hope you keep it cool with your sun hat firmly tethered to your head the whole time. That’s what a gentleman in a lady fist fight looks like. Pure class.

PS…there’s no denying she’s a fast track to a classic episode of COPS with you getting dragged away while she shouts “But I still luuuuuuve heeeeem” buuuuuuut still would? Still would.

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