David Spade Being A Chick Magnet Is My Favorite Thing In Hollywood

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NY Post- David Spade — the squirrelly comedy actor best known for his six years on “Saturday Night Live” and clunker movies such as “Joe Dirt” and “Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star” — has become an unlikely chick magnet. In recent years, Spade, 52, has been surrounded by a cavalcade of gorgeous gals including Pamela Anderson, Jillian Grace, Kristy Swanson and, most recently, “Glee’s” Naya Rivera, 30. The strange maybe-bedfellows were just spotted palling around in a swimming pool in Honolulu, Hawaii — and they weren’t doing laps.

David Spade is now a hero for all ugly men alike. All ugly men far and wide. We’ve had many champions in our day- The Notorious B.I.G., Chris Farley, Howard Stern, Judd Apatow, and now David Spade joins the clan. Is it surprising that the tiny little jewish dude from Tommy Boy and Benchwarmers gets a lot of chicks? Fuck no. It’s Hollywood. David Spade can walk into the hottest club in LA and walk out in no less than 10 minutes later with a chick that’s probably slept with the likes of Leo and Brad. It’s a stone cold lock that most of these girls get wild with our boy David for the story, but hey a win is a win so good for David Spade.

These girls can practically get with anyone they’d want to, and they choose Spade. Kit Harington or Kid Rock would sure as hell bang any of these girls yet they’re settling down for Higgins from the Grown Ups franchise. And now he’s banging Naya Rivera? Pretty impressive Joe Dirt, pretty impressive.

PS: I guess it was true in Entourage. In Season 8 Episode 6, the female owner of Don Pepe’s asks “So it’s really true huh? That very little tiny guy gets lots of pussy.” after meeting Spade. Oh it’s true.

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