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Police Officer Stops In The Middle Of His Press Conference To Arrest A Swearing Drunk Guy

I’m torn on this one. Tough to know which guy I like better here. On the one hand, what a hilarious move from that cop. Stops right in the middle of his press conference to arrest a drunk homeless-looking dude who’s swearing at him. He doesn’t wanna be at that press conference. He wants to be out there nabbing bad guys. Natural pooooooooolice is what we like to call them. Protect and serve at all times. It borders a little bit on being a hardo but he toed the lien nicely. On the other hand, I love that drunk dude coming outta NOWHERE and yelling “BULLSHIT!” Was that a planned protest? Or did the guy see a bunch of news cameras and knew it was his moment to shine? I’m going with the latter. No way no how does that guy own a TV let alone know what’s going on in the news. The only thing I wish he would’ve done is boo the guy. Everybody loves a good boo. Especially an uninformed one.