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Steph Curry Can Double Dribble All He Wants If He Keeps Making Passes Like This

Flip it and reverse it:

Was this a bit of a carry? Possibly a travel? Perhaps a double dribble thrown in there too? These are all decent theories, but honestly, who is to say? Steph Curry could be double dribbling until the cows come home, but as long as he’s making everyone on the court look like 7th graders while he’s doing Hot Sizzle moves up and down, I am perfectly ok with it. And in real time, how can you expect the refs to call something there? We’ve seen Steph do so many absurd things on the court, they sort of have to give him the benefit of the doubt when he goes no-look and behind the back for the perfect assist.

And for people whining that “he gets all the calls”, maybe if someone else could do something even close to what Steph is doing, they would get away with a bit more too. Just ask White Chocolate. Dude would be double dribbling and taking 7 steps with the ball, but man those assists were pretty as hell.

And besides, the second we start being cry babies about the refs not making calls, that basically makes us narcs and cops. No better than the LPGA guy sitting at home, calling in rules violations, or Goodell taking away touchdown dances. Let’s keep sports fun. As long as Steph can make that pass, we gotta let him do it.