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Matador's Debut Was Less Than Ideal Because He Got Gored Through The Throat

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 6.56.42 AM

Excuse my language, but this freakin stinks. After years of training for the thrill of the bull fighting ring, you’re all set to make your debut. You have your most fancy boy outfit on. You’re wearing your neat shoes. You’ve tossed about 10 spears in the back of an animal and everything is going well. You make one small mistake and you end up with a bull’s horn through your throat. All of your fancy boy pals come to your rescue but the damage has already been done. Your debut is ruined.

You’re disheartened. Severely so.

That’s the game, though. Sometimes you get to treat an animal incredibly savagely and sometimes they get you back. Tough sport but that’s what you signed up for. People either cheer you as you kill a huge bull or shriek in horror as a horn goes up your butthole or down your throat.

When the whole squad practices a barbaric sport whilst enjoying the smooth sounds of an expertly played trumpet >>>>