Lance Stephenson Caused A Scuffle To Break Out Against The Raptors Because He Scored A Worthless Layup Late In Last Night's Game

That right there is another example of why the NBA is a better place with Lance Stephenson in it. Dude just brings entertainment to the end of a 15 point game like nobody else could.
No wonder the Pacers fans greeted Lance like he was Reggie Miller coming out of retirement last night.

And not only does Lance bring more fun to the game, but he triggers an “unwritten rules” controversy right as baseball season starts up. Priceless timing. As you can see in the tussle and this postgame interview, P.J. Tucker wasn’t happy about it one bit.

However P.J. Tucker saying he doesn’t know who Lance Stephenson made me laugh out loud before he called Stephenson the dreaded c-word (“Classless”). I can’t wait to see what Brian McCann has to say about this matter.

Now listen, I can understand where the Pacers were coming from. The game was over and everyone just wants to shower up and get the fuck out of the arena. But I mean this is Lance Stephenson we are talking about here. Some guys are going to pull stupid shit, especially in their first home game back with an old team. Lance is like a playful puppy that forgets chewing on shoes is bad every so often. Basically Swaggy P but with a tad bit of crazy mixed in. His reaction to the dust-up says it all.


You have to shake your head at those guys, laugh, and say “Lance gonna Lance”. We even got an apology from Lance for eating the shoes getting caught up in the emotion and scoring late.

Also I have to give a quick shout out to the Cory Joseph for that half court pass that may have also been an attempted pegging of Lance because it reminds me of one of my favorite plays in NBA history.

Chris Dudley couldn’t crack 50% from the free throw line from his career but he could snipe Shaq with a basketball from 40 feet away like that poop throwing chimp. Still shocking me all these years later.

Welcome back Lance. The NBA (and planet Earth to be honest) is a better place when you are in the spotlight.