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I'm Such A Sucker For Movie Scores

That looks awesome. I guess it’s kind of like Transiberian Orchestra but with movie scores, which I thoroughly enjoy. Here’s a pro tip: when you don’t know what music to listen to at your desk, maybe you already listened to #BlogMusic 100x and want to mix it up, pop on a Hans Zimmer playlist. It’s full of absolute BANGERS. Inception, Dark Knight, Gladiator, Boss Baby. Some of the best of all time.

Hans Zimmer, along with John Williams, might very well be sneaky the two most important people in music history. I love them. Everything they do is fucking awesome. I often wonder if they hate each other and I think they have to. Just the two biggest guys in the business, going toe to toe, eye to eye, trying to one up each other in making bad ass movie scores. John Williams throws out Indiana Jones, Zimmer counters with Pirates of the Caribbean. John Williams has ET, Zimmer has The Dark Knight. They for sure throw darts at each other’s faces at night.

When it comes down to it, John Williams resume is the better one. As much as I love Inception’s score, and I think Pirates is really good too, Williams has all the fire jams you grew up with. Jaws, Star Wars, ET, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park…the list goes on and on. Don’t forget Harry Potter, a modern day classic. Must eat Zimmer alive at night knowing as good as he is, he’ll never be the GOAT. He’d have to go on an all-time run to even sniff Williams’ legacy. Second best is good, but nothing will be better than this:

Shout out Inception too though

And fuck it, ET for good luck, it’s just so good