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One Shining Moment Is Super Overrated

I don’t like to be Mr. Contrarian. It’s not a position I cherish, but it’s one that I have to take quite often. It’s a big responsibility to be the only one yelling truths into a storm of wrongness and sometimes I have to be that brave man. Much like Galielo I have to face the majority of fools and say, “Well… ACTUALLY….”

Today I once again find myself at that podium and I’m here to announce that One shining Moment is, in fact, very overrated.

Last night, for the first time ever, I didn’t even stick around to watch it. I had to immediately change the channel and considered mixing in a shower to get the stink of that game off me. Much like a bad one night stand, I had to get out of there ASAP to try and forget about everything I’d just done. But just because this was the first time I didn’t bother watching (I opted for The Bourne Identity, yes a film from 2002 was higher on my “must watch” list than One Shining Moment) doesn’t mean it’s my first time thinking it stunk.

What’s good about OSM? It’s not the crying kids. It’s not the highlights. It’s not the song. If OSM is such an amazing song then how often do you listen to it throughout the year? How many of you have it in your iTunes Top 25 played? How many of you have it on a Spotify playlist? EXACTLY, zero of you do. I’ve got the Miley Cyrus classic “Seven Things” on a more frequent spin than you’ve got Luther. You’re all poser fans who pretend it’s the greatest thing ever for one night a year.

Classics are played repeatedly, no matter the season. One Shining Moment is not a classic. As our good friend Trill Withers tells us, things can only be classic or trash. So, if OSM isn’t a classic, well then, it’s trash. These are facts.